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Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:06 pm 
Post subject: Weaning help
I would like some tips on weaning I have a 19 week old baby and have started him on baby rice once a day givin a teaspoon when should i increase the amount and how many times I give it and would also like to know how much milk should he be having I am a first time mum and I am clueless
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Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:22 pm 
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We started our daughter on baby rice when she was 23wks old. We fed her this midmorning, straight after her milk. Its best to do this as milks still their main food and al first solids are just a bonus. She loved it so much she ate the whole lot I'd made up, several spoonfuls. I'd go with how your baby reacts, if he's enjoying it, give him more, he'll let you know when he's full.
After 2wks of baby rice once a day, I added mashed banana, which she enjoyed even more. Then after another week I increased her to 2 meals a day. I gave her baby rice mid morning and veg/fruit purée in baby rice in the afternoon, still straight after a milk feed. After another week she started not sleeping well on her first nap, so I decided to give her baby porraige for breakfast, as well as the other 2 meals. This has helped her sleep better. Now she has baby porraige for breakfast, veg for dinner and baby rice and fruit for tea. I'd advice you to go with how your baby responds to the food. Also when introducing new foods do it earlier in the day incase it doesn't agree with your baby as this can effect their sleep. We found carrot and strwberries kept ours awake. Also feed the same food for 4 days before introducing a new food to see how they react.
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Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:15 pm 
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I was also clueless. I started at 4 months due to my baby's reflux, I started at 5pm with baby cereal, gradually added pureed fruit and veg but only started with small amounts. Then I added breakfast, baby porridge and once he was eating fairly big portions of those I added in lunch. I have only just started lunch though and he's 6 months so I have done this very gradually and taken in my baby's cues. My HV did say you should normally start with lunch, then breakfast then dinner but she said if it's working for me that's fine and advised I give the baby cereal at dinner to fill him up hoping he would sleep through. It's trial and error really, good luck!

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