love my baby, but feeling depressed

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Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:43 pm 
Post subject: love my baby, but feeling depressed
Hi moms! I gave birth 5 months was a horrible baby nearly died because of the doctors fault....i was with contractions for 36 hours and couldnt dialate and all what the doctor said was ^its better if she stayes in you one more week^ since she was 1 month early....and when they finally realized that we wont hold on for long with contractions every minute (afer 36 hours of suffering) they decided to do an emergency C-section....and i don`t know if its normal but I could completely feel how they cut me and I was screaming at them that it hurts, and one of them just pat my shoulder and said ^no it doesnt hurt^ anyways thts my long story short, thanx God we are both okay now, but I keep feeling depressed....I love my baby and I am so happy that she is here, but I just feel that I have no time off...I never did good with not sleeping properly and now ofcourse every night I have to feed her...and since I`m breast feeding I am tied down...and it feels so bad because before I used to have a life full of doing things...I was barely in the house.
It jsut feels bad because my husband has the chance to get out a little, but I dont....I do love my baby but also I feel so shut in, and depressed so many that normal?or what can I do to change things?
please has been 5 months already...:`(
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Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 4:48 pm 
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I think what you are going through is totally normal. You have been through a traumatic experience its okay to "grieve" for the labour you wanted/should have had and ok to feel down about what happend to you. Obviously you love your daughter but having a baby is hard work and stressful and it is easy to feel overwelmed. I wanted my son more than anything in the world and we were trying for a while before falling pregnant, so he was very much a wanted loved baby. But I still found the early months hard work and at times stressful. You loose so much of your old life and its ok to miss it and miss going out. It does get easier as they get older, my LO is almost one now and we no longer have the night feed and have our evenings (most of the time) to ourselves again while he is in bed. We have start to go to baby groups which gets me out of the house and its lovely to see your LO having fun with other LOs. dont feel guilty about feeling down its totally normal. I would speak to your GP if you are finding it hard to cope. Good luck Smile

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