4th section in 5yrs really worried

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Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 9:24 am 
Post subject: 4th section in 5yrs really worried
Hi everyone am 27 yrs old and am on my 7th baby in 10yrs (all same dad) my first 3 were all normal births no probs then with my 4th baby I had a placenta abruption whitch has caused rest of my pregnancys to be sections at the min am 35wks preg and due to be sectioned and sterelised in 3wks time am really scared and worried has any1 else had 4 sections or been thru same as me am really hoping all goes well as am terrified incase I die or anything happens to my baby cause I've already had 6 healthy kids I feel like my lucks due to run out at 1 point doctors saying its normal 2 feel like that but I just wish I cud get over all these fears and look 4ward 2 my baby girl cumin thanx so much 4 reading my story xx
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Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 9:39 am 
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I've not had 4 sections, although similar to you I had 7 children Smile (over 15 yrs) I had 4 natural births and then had placenta preavia with my fifth and had a section, then had 2 more sections (unplanned ) for other reasons in labour, if I had managed to get my BFP I would have been trying for a natural birth (VBAC after 3 sections) as I never wanted any of the sections and found them upsetting and traoumatic Sad , so much so that i rashly agreed to be sterilised whilst having the section with my last Sad (literally on the way into theatre Crying or Very sad )
I had a reversal 2yrs ago but sadly found out last week it didn't work Sad
I'd say don't get sterilised whilst having the section , I really wish docs wouldn't do it Confused , you're too emotional whilst pregnant to make a decision that affects you for the rest of your life, i know the docs will probably say you should never have more than 4 sections but some women in the US have had 6 or 7 with no problems , and its a decision you can't take back,reversal is expensive (3-5,000) and often doesn't work , there are a lot of women on here who have regretted being sterilised and there are some really good long term contraceptives now that you could use instead Smile
If you still felt in a while once you were over the birth and the baby was older that you really didn't EVER want anymore children (and at 27 you've got a good 13-15yrs of being fertile left in front of you to change your mind in Question ) then you could always ask for it then Question
As i said I have only had 3 sections so can't really comment on a fourth but the advice you've been given about once a section always a section is very out dated and lots of women have successful VBAC's after one/two or even as many as 5 sections (there are support sites online ) so if you did want to try for natural then it is possible ?
I think its normal to be worried about the outcome before any birth though and having an op just adds to that Smile , i'm sure things will be fine whatever you decide to do, but as someone who's been in a very similar situation to you please,please don't get sterilised at the same time, as chances are at some point in the future you will regret it , Good luck with the birth xx
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