Potty Training my son...

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Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:26 am 
Post subject: Potty Training my son...
Hi everyone!
We are currently on day 4 of potty training, all is going well (i think)
My son is 2 yrs & 4 Months.
He has been showing all the signs of being ready.... tells me when he is wet etc, pulling his own nappy down & peeing in his potty & just generally really interested in the toilet!
Anyway he is doing great so far, i can tell by his body language when he is about to go as he stops what he is doing and looks at his toodle!
He has just spent the last 4 days running around with no nappy/pants on & everytime we get it in the potty he gets a sticker on his chart!
Anyway the only thing is he wont ASK to go, so unless i watch him we have a few puddles! He will pee more or less everytime we sit him on the potty. Should we just continue to put him on every hour or so & will he eventually start asking to go? I don't mind watching him & reading his signs, but don't want him to go back to nursery & land back at square one?!
Any advice is much appreciated thanks xxx
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Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:22 pm 
Post subject:
I had similar with my daughter, i think they get too involved in what they are doing to realise the signs that they need to go.

what i did was watch her and as soon as she started to go put her on the potty. it didnt take long and one say she just said 'need a wee' and went. we still had the odd accident when she was too busy playing, but mostly it clicked.

i would talk to the nursery about there policy on potty training. but that said i trained my daughter on an evening and sent her to the childminders in nappies until she was at a point of asking.

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