Missed period never happens

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:08 am 
Post subject: Missed period never happens
Ladies ladies

After ttc since April I think I can say I am pregnant!!

My af was due yesterday and never came. I am NEVER NEVER LATE I am always on time . Everytime my period is due I have spotting the night before . I didn't have it this month. So I waited and thought ill have af the next day. Normally when my Af comes it will come either early morning or around 3 in the afternoon . I waited morning it didn't come... I waited afternoon it didn't come and evening it didn't come. I feel like af is coming but it's not af. The difference I got is normally I will have itchy breast and I never really got it this month, I wil have a few spots on my face but only got one and it want even where I normally get it. And lastly the af pain I'm experiencing is not the same as how I normally feel. I just know I'm pregnant because I never miss a day . If by tommorow it doesn't come ill test but I do think I'm pregnant because this never happens to me and I'm always on time.

Woooooo I'm so excited ladies

What do you think ? X
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