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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:24 am 
Post subject: Back to work.
Hi Everyone,
I am coming to the end of a wonderful 52 weeks off with my second little girl. I took my mat leave a couple of months early as i suffered from quite bad SPD. I work/worked in a job where I was visiting mentally ill and long term unemployed people for a charity, with the remit of helping them to fill out forms for benefits, Bills etc and to generally help them running their day to day life. After my first girly I found it hard to go back to the job but sucked it up and carried on even though i was worried as i was now a mum and some of these visits (on my own) could be seen as dangerous to my health and safety. As most things do my thoughts towards this job have changed after the birth of my other little lady. I feel that being a mum of 2,my health and safety is paramount and that if something was to go wrong in the job, which has done in the past, I could end up leaving my 2 girlies without a mum. I know this may seem like drastic thinking but as you all know my life is now my kids. I also no longer wish to see things, such as addictions and troubled families and neglected children from a front line perspective. I was wondering, as I wish to return to the same company as I have been there for 15 years, is there some law or facility that would allow me to stipulate another job, office based, receptionist etc. I know if you say you want part time they have to let you for it for so long but does a change in job due to health and safety factors figure also? worried but confident. Thanks.
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