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Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:09 am 
Post subject: Advice needed

I'm new to all this and my friend advised me to seek advice from others.

I was recently told by my hospital that I may not be able to conceive a baby of my own as have problems with my ovaries, when I came out of hospital I was very confused and only my mum knew. As I had been in a long term relationship and still am with the same partner it was hard to tell him, but when I eventually found the conscience to do so, he took it ok, and told me there was lots of other options and nothing would change us.

As he is adopted himself into his family he sees this as an option, and says hay to him it doesn't matter whether the child is his own or not as he knows how it feels to be adopted and would like to give that to someone.

So anyway, after a year of trying to conceive nothing has happened and it is beginning to make me think that the doctors were right I haven't told him the extent in my concerns and wouldn't know where to start, I also haven't told anyone.

We have been doing all the right things and we haven't been putting stress into it, as I don't want this to over run the relationship.

However although I know that adoption is wonderful and I have already said when were older I would defiantly think of adoption as this means a lot to him, but to me he is able to have his own child and he should be ale to have them, I have told him this and tell him that if he was to find someone that can give him his own baby as much as it would hurt me, I don't want to hold him back.

Has anyone got any advice for me?.

Should I let him be with someone that can give him something that he wants, or do I just ride this out..
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