overheating at night

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Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:40 am 
Post subject: overheating at night
Hi can anyone help.. this is baby number two after ivf very early stages and I went to bed with hot water bottle at my feet and wrapped up in two duvets as I was freezing cold. I woke up four hours later feeling that I was completely overheated and dehydrated.. would this cause any harm to the new baby does anyone know - I wasn't sweating which makes me think that it may be all the hormones I'm taking as well contributing to the rise in body temperature. I didn't have any of this with my first one so just a bit concerned. Can anyone advise if hot water bottles would do this? Our bedroom itself is always really cold. Thanks
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Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:45 am 
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Its probably hormonal, progesterone makes you hot and its released in bursts in early pregnancy which can hit you all at once Rolling Eyes Laughing , a lot of women get these hot flushes , maybe keep some water next to your bed for when you wake up hot to keep your fluids up, but its nothing to worry about and won't harm the baby xx
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Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:38 pm 
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It's better to be warm than cold - if the uterus gets cold it struggles to support any babies (I didn't know this until a nurse told me this recently) so i wouldn't worry about being hot


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