10 month old refusing to take formula from beaker

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Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:25 am 
Post subject: 10 month old refusing to take formula from beaker
My little boy is only just 10 months old. He eats three good meals a day. He has three bottles a day, one in the morning, one around 3pm and one at 6.30 before bed, using the avent bottles and teets. For his water I bought an avent soft spout and handles and attached these to a spare avent bottle turning it into a sippy cup(which he has at mealtimes). I recently tried swapping his 3pm bottle/teet for a bottle/soft spout instead and put his milk in it. He had a massive meltdown and has done the same on the several occasions I have tried this. So I thought maybe he associates the avent bottle and spout with where he gets water, not milk, so I have also tried putting his milk in a tommee tippee cup with spout at his usual 3pm feed. I have had more meltdowns. I would like to get him off the bottle by around a year but at the moment I can't seem to get him to want his milk in anything other than a bottle with a teet. I know it takes patience, but should I try this every day with his 3pm bottle or every few days to start with?
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