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Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 7:20 pm 
Post subject: CD 22 bloods
Here is my question ladies I have been having 40 day cycles and my dr stressed that it is important that I do my CD22 blood on CD22 not CD 21 or 23 to make sure I am ovulating. What if he is testing at the wrong time? Will it show that I am not ovulating? He has been having me start provera on CD 28 (lately on CD 24)to induce my period but it doesn't show till CD 40. He said it was bc I am not ovulating. Would it take that long to induce my period just bc I wasn't ovulating. I am a bit confused.
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Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:03 am 
Post subject:
Firstly 40 day cycles aren't usually considered to be overly long ? I know for you they probably are , but anything up to 42 I believe falls in the "normal" range , if you aren't actually ovulating then it won't matter when you have the bloods there will be no progesterone rise to pick up, if you are ovulating with a 40 day cycle then chances are you're not ovulating until after cd 21 anyway (probably more like cd22-2Cool so you'll get a false negative, and as the provera isn't kickstarting your period until when you expect it anyway I'd say its probably because you are ovulating and its having to fight against the progesterone effects Question
Do you use OPK's? If not I'd get some of the cheap ones from amazon and ebay and do at least one every day of your cycle, if you notice them getting stronger I'd do two a day , then you can see if you get a surge, if you do then you should be having the bloods about 8 days later (1 day to give you time to ovulate and then the other 7 are what you should wait after ov before having the test anyway )
If you don't get a surge there's a good chance you might not be ovulating and then you can look at ways to kickstart that, but I'd say with a 40 day cycle then testing on cd 21 is pointless ,but you just can't get it through to some of these male docs Rolling Eyes
Something else you can do as well is BBT charting, as you only get a rise after ovualtion so if you chart all month then you should be able to see a clear difference in pre and post ov temps Smile
I know there have been a couple of women on here who've had blood results that said they didn't ov anf got their BFP that month, just because a lot of docs don't time the tests right Rolling Eyes Laughing Good luck xx
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