Making noise in labour..

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Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:39 am 
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I've been different with all of mine Question I screamed with my second just as she was about to be born but as I went from not in labour and 2 cms to giving birth in 23 mins I think that was just because it was so intense, I didn't need to concentrate on pushing because I only pushed a couple of times and she was out Shocked Laughing I got told to be quiet that time Rolling Eyes (not that I took any notice ) but honestly didn't realise at first that it was me making the noise Shocked Laughing
I think everyone makes some sort of noise while pushing , and cow type noise Laughing or loud gruntings normal Question because of the effort involved, but when you scream I think it perhaps doesn't help you feel as in control Question so i tried not to do it in my other labours and with my last natural birth I was really quiet Question
But if you feel it helps, then sod it, scream the place down I say Laughing xx
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