I think i am pregnant, a little help?

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Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:33 am 
Post subject: I think i am pregnant, a little help?
ok so i was 3 months pregnant with twins and in october i had a miscarriage. since then i have not had a period but i didnt know if that was due to my PCOS. I have always had irregular cycles but the past year before i got pregnant they came every month on time. I have been feeling the same way i did before when i ws pregnant: nauseas all the time, back ache, mood swings, discharge, etc. but when i took a pregnancy test it came back negative. I dont know what to do because the last time i was pregnant it never showed up on a home pregnancy, urine, or blood work test. i really think i am but i just need to know what everyone else opinion is. thanks
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