IVF West Midlands/Wolverhampton/St Judes/New Cross Hospital

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Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:21 am 
Post subject: IVF West Midlands/Wolverhampton/St Judes/New Cross Hospital
Hi Ladies

Hope you are all well!! Apologies if i am covering old ground but couldnt find anything specific to me but i know each person is individual with different need & treatement etc.

To cut a long story short, or to try to - i was diagnosed with Endometriosis 7 years ago at a stage where i was single, had a straight forward laparoscopy and all seemed to be ok, i had the conversations with the doctors and gynae that it could cause problems when TTC but i would cross that bridge when i came to it as i was only 19/20 at the time and not really thinking about babys!!

In 2009, myself & my partner, after been together a while, getting engaged etc decided we best get a move on,and thank god we did!! i had been totally honest about the fact i had endo but deep down suppose i didnt think it would affect me, i had been in a lot of pain again so the consultant (Mr Samra - who is fantastic) suggested another laparoscopy, to help with the pain and also clear what was there to give us a clear start(so to speak)Had another straight forward laparoscopy and after my partner been tested were told we should be pregnant within 6 months. Obviously this didnt happen, the pain then started again, much worse, to the point of passing our regulary etc mid 2011 and i had another laparoscopy Jan 2012 to help with the pain, and also see if we could see what was happening and why i hadnt had that BFP, it was revealed that my uterus was tilted forward (which was causing the most pain it turns out) the endo had come back, they cleared it and we were told AGAIN that i would be pregnant within 6 months.

I am not pregnant, never have been pregnant and mc'd or even a late AF since! After my op last Jan they put me on 50g clomid "just to help" gradually this has increased and i have had blood tests every month from feb 2012 - present. they are now satisfied they have got all the blood tests they need and At the last appt with the consultant, they confirmed we are eligable for IVF as neither of us have any children, they know what the problem is and we have been TTC more than 3 years and it would be at St Jude's in Wolvehampton, I was told to give it one last shot on a high dosage of clomid, along with some other medication, needless to say this hasnt worked. I have now got an appointment to go back to New Cross Jan 2nd to see the consultant.

AFTER ALL THAT, my questions are:

Has anyone had treatement through St Judes? (NHS)

Has anyone else been in the same circumstance?

How long has it taken from referal at the hospital/clinic to the start of the process?

What is the process?

I have seen something where the NHS wait should be no longer than 18 weeks (apparantly) but know of cases where people have waited 18months - 2 yrs (I know it is a postcode lottery and each place is different which is why ive posted this specific thread)

Has anyone had the counselling offered along with the IVF treatment? Is it as physically & mentally draining as i have been told?

Sorry if i seem a bit clueless, its just that we had had 3 years of going backwards & forwards, been told 3 times we should be pregnant and no one has really explained the process or how it is going to affect us. Also, we get married Sept 2013 abroad, so any indication with timelimes (in your experience, would be great, so i know wether to leave buying the wedding dress untill the last minute, he he!!)

Any advice/help would be great ladies as i know your all fab and wishing you well on your journeys xxx[/color]
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Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:42 pm 
Post subject:
Sorry this is a short reply - i live staffordshire and I'll be having IVF at Burton Reproductive
Centre in January and they have been brilliant and really supportive not sure if that would be a trek for you or not?
I got married July 2012 and it was a lovely distraction and a really nice thing to get excited about with family and friends it really helped with the feelings of desperation about not being a mum - being a bride was lovely Laughing
Hope things work out for you x

(also we have to pay privately so not sure about referral times x)
Baby girl Grace born 31st August 2013 after 5 long years trying to conceive Complete miracle x
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Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:28 pm 
Post subject:
Hi Charleelou

I am under new cross and ready to start ivf at st judes.....well almost. I've been referred there already but I need to get my bmi to 30 before I can start (ive got a cut off date of mid march)

How did you January appointment go? Would love to hear back from you. We may be starting at the same time Smile x
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