I think im pregnent

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Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:58 pm 
Post subject: I think im pregnent
Hello, im not sure how to start things here 

Okay, well for the past few months my periods have been messed up. from oct 10 2012 i got my period, it lasted 2 days, and has been comming every 3 weeks and   All of my periods after this upto nov 20 2012 since i have not had a period. I was suppost to get my period since ive been checking on my calander i should of have gotten it the 11th and ive never been late. My normal periods usually last 5-6 days with a brief break between day 2-3. Since october i have not had a normal period. Also i have been feeling off. I am not sure why, but ive never had any sort of breast pain before in my life,  and as of nov i began to get sore breast for about 2 weeks up until my light 2 days periods in which this time, i have no stomach cramps only back cramps.

Now durning this entire time i have been sexual active, very active using the pull out method. Now some id my stmptoms are

Very tender and Sore breast, with sharp shooting pain from the side near my arm pit (on both sides) 

Cramp like pain, it does feel different however i am used to extreme pain, unbarable this pain is very dofferent it is more so annoying then painful. My stomach feels bloated and i sometimes feel pain on one side or the other, i feel pressure under my belly button and pain when i press down on my stomach i am also suffering gassyness . 

Backache almost everyday, i get some sort of lower center back pain its again annoying, not that painful.

Early in the morning i feel sick, nasusa like im going to throw up but i never do i just get the feeling. Sometime it doesnt happen sometimes it does.

I have noticed i am peeing a bit more now then before 3 times every hour or so. 

I have been having alot of Discharge, it is clear and whitish and thin, sometimes it makes me feel as if i have started.

Now i have a wierd schedule considering  my husband is working night shift so i stay up at night and sleep durning the day, but durning this time i sometimes find myself tired but i still havent

I have felt weakness, weak legs. And sometimes i want cwetian foods,  but i havent avoided anything.

I am 3-4 days late. 

Now i haveto wait til next month to tesr due to not having money atm and i knoe nothing is for sure, but i  just want to know if anybody has experinced it before and been pregnenet
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Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 4:41 pm 
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Don't know what to say really. Those symptoms definitely could be a pregnancy or equally not. I would definitely do a hpt if I were you, there are some really cheap ones around. If you really can't afford one maybe go to your gp?
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Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:41 pm 
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Could you not do a cheap test from poundland or somewhere, just to give you an idea? If not you could ask your doctor to do a test for you?
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