OPK question CD 15

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Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:11 pm 
Post subject: OPK question CD 15
As the heading reads I have a question regarding opk results. I started using OPKs on CD 8 and forgot to do one yesterday (CD14) though I did one the night before and there was no hint of a 2nd line. This morning I tested (5am) and got a really dark second line when I tested a few hours later there was still a really dark 2nd line
(11am) although it wasn't as dark as the earlier test. In past cycles when I have used opks I have a light 2nd line that after a few days gets darker than the 1st but this morning there was a really dark 2nd line out of nowhere. Any ideas if this is a fluke? Do you think I really could be ovulating? I have had strong cramps in my left ovary last few days but have been trying to ignore it as I had pains somewhat similair but not as strong on clomid and failed to ovulate. Yesterday I had pains on both sides so I am confused. I have never had a dark 2nd line without getting lighter 2nd ones for days in advance before. I am on new meds and I am trying not to get my hopes too high bc when I have gotten pos OPKs in past cycles around CD14 and go in for CD 21-22 bloods the result shows absolutely no trace of progesterone. Dr told me using OPK were a waste and not to put much stock in them but what do you ladies think? Do you usually get lighter 2nd lines 1st?
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Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:07 am 
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Sometimes I got gradually darker lines over a couple of days and other months I just got suddenly darker lines Question , one month it literally went from barely there to positive in about 1 1/2 hrs Shocked and I just tested the second time on a whim as I felt strange Laughing
As you didn't test on cd 14 chances are it could have been darker then and this is a real positive and hopefully you will ovulate in the next couple of days , I can sort of see what your docs saying as a pos opk doesn't guarantee you will ovulate but at least if you do you've had some warning Smile Good luck xxx
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