8 month old waking 45 mins into night time sleep

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Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:31 am 
Post subject: 8 month old waking 45 mins into night time sleep
My 8 month old has started to wake up crying 45 mins into her night time sleep. She does not do this for her morning & afternoon naps. She wakes up and then will cry hysterically and will not stop unless I pick her up. I have tried leaving her to see if she's goes back to sleep but if I leave her longer than 10 mins she ends up being sick. If I just stroke / ssshh she will not stop. If I pick her up she stops but as soon as I try to put her back down she starts screaming & crying. This has happened for the last 10 days now and she will cry for between 1 and 3 hours. She has always been a good sleeper, no change to routine but she has completely gone of her formula and has become very fussy with food. She has no teeth & has no signs of any except the usual chewing fist / anything she can get hold of. I have tried putting to bed with infant nurofen / teething granules / teething gel / gripe water / lights on / lights off / earlier bed time / later bedtime but whatever the situation or whatever we have tried she wakes up like clockwork after 45 mins crying. It is getting to the point I am dreading bedtime - a mentioned earlier her daytime naps are absolutely fine and she will sleep for and hour to hour & half without waking & when she does wake she happily plays in her cot until I get her. Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do to overcome it? Is it just teeth? Why is it just the nighttime sleep? Sorry for all the questions - I am just so confused if it is something I have done an would appreciate any suggestions to get my well sleeping girl back Sad
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Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:10 pm 
Post subject:
Do you put her down awake or asleep? We had this problem with George at around 7 months and it was because we always put him down asleep and he didn't know how to self settle. Someone said it's like going to sleep in your bed (mums arms) and waking up on the kitchen floor (your cot). Also at this age they become aware of the fact you are awake and in a different room whilst they are asleep.

It may well be her teeth though. If not then I would contact your health visitor, mine have a sleep lady who cam to visit and was brilliant. Try keeping a diary to see if there are any patterns.
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Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:47 pm 
Post subject: Two Secrets to Getting Baby to Sleep
Secret 1: Babies need to learn to soothe themselves
Secret 2: Babies can learn limits
Regarding the above secrets, I ask parents two questions:
(1) how does "love" act when raising a baby?
(2) what does "modesty" mean?
These questions may at first seem irrelevant to getting a baby to sleep but are crucial to babies soothing themselves and recognizing limits is the foundation of sleep training.
Here's the answers:
(1) Love is gentle but firm. It is not indulgent to every kind of cry the baby makes. And love does not indulge every emotion the mother feels. Love does what's best for the baby. And sometimes that means let them cry. And sometimes that means mama cries. Mothers should respond to their yearnings to cuddle baby during the pre-sleep routine, but must be firm by putting the child in its own bed before it falls asleep in her arms. The baby can comfort itself with a small blanket or stuffed animal. There will be crying during the transition, so have short pats and shhh-ing every 15 - 20 minutes and leave the room. Lengthen the crying time a little each time. This is not a time for mother to let sentimentality take over. Stay consistent. If the baby spits up, clean up and gentle it with words and a pat, and but put it back down alone. Watch baby while out of sight.

(2) Modesty means to recognize your limits and that of others. Babies begin to learn this with proper sleep training. Being loving but firm sets limits. If done consistently, baby learns through the months and years to recognize its limits and that of others. These children do not depend on people or substance to soothe them as they grow up. The child grasps the modesty principle behind social norms such as politeness. A child who is not overly indulged understands respect, empathy, and the appropriate actions in different situations. The child will grow to be a kind but strong adult who is well-liked.
Think of the children you like. Aren't they caring, modest, recognizing limits. And don't they grow up to be adults who are successful in society at large? Train your child from infancy. Be firm. Be kind. And they will be, too.
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