possible i am still pregnant?

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Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:54 pm 
Post subject: possible i am still pregnant?
Hi everyone, Im knew here, this is my first post. I have a question regarding pregnancy, hope someone could help...
I last has unprotected intercourse on 29th November, this was the day after my period finished, that period lasted for 5 days. I didn't think there was a possibility of me being pregnant as I didnt think I would be ovulating that early.. but then I started getting some symptoms which I had never experienced before, My Nipples got a lot larger and more noticeable and my areola's got larger and a lot darker and the montomary glands more protuding, Started feeling nauseaus at things that wouldn't of normally affected me i.e bottled water ( i used to drink lots of water every day) and the smell of meat cooking. I waited to see whether my period showed up..and it did 2 days early on 21st december, it was a lot heavier than usual,more clotting and the pain/cramps were unbearable plus i felt physically sick ( my pms symptoms are never as bad as this).. it finished on the 27th, I automatically thought this was just my regular period. But the thing is my nipples are still getting bigger and darker, im still feeling queasy and nauseous, getting alot of yellow tinted cervical mucus and i have now noticed i have a raised red rash above my belly button and a very very faint vertical line going down from my belly button. Could anyone tell me if there is a chance i could still be be pregnant? I know the only way of knowing for sure is to do HPT but due to christmas and all that I havent been able to go out and get one yet :/ thanks so much in advance for any advice!.. and sorry for the essay type question lol.
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