could i be pregnant? help! !

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Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:56 pm 
Post subject: could i be pregnant? help! !
Okay i have been on the depo since feb 2012, and i missed my last shot on dec 6 2012 . On dec 21 i spotted ligjt pink only once that day when i went to the bathroom, then later i went again and i had a light brown/mix with white cloudy discharge, but it was like a mucus. Then on dec 22 i only spotted once again & it was reddish brown? ( also had cramps the 2 days i spotted & a couple days before, & also nausea. )

I normally have regular periods, but i didnt have ANY while i was on depo so if i end up having a regular period my next expected period would be jan 7 2013, & jan 5 , i spotted only once again & it was very light pink again, then i went to the bathroom the next morning & had brown discharge?

Also i have been experienceing light cramps, back pain, gas, trouble sleeping, bubbly feeling in lower stonach, increased sex drive, & increased hunger ..

Help me please ? /:
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