first timer! looking for some advice please x

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Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:57 pm 
Post subject: first timer! looking for some advice please x
Hi everyone, new to this so just have a question , I am in my 2ww, I am due my period in 2days (wed the 9/01\13) the first day of my last period was the 12\12\12. I think I ovulated on the 24th or 25th of december according to my high temp.although my ov calculater said the 26th. I have taken a first response test this morning which was neg. The only 'symptoms' I have are twinges in my low stomach on the right side, dull stabbing aches in low stomach right side. Iv occasionaly had brief waves of feeling sick, headaches, However yesterday morning I discovered small white bumps like pimples all round my nipples that I haven't had before, a white discharge yesterday, a clear discharge today, which is unusual for me, and I have had bad diorreah for 24 hours-not sure if that's a sign! ALSO a friend said that I may of ruined my chances by having TOO much sex?! As I had sex just about every day the last 4 weeks,as apparently you build up too much mucus. don't know if this is true! So my Q to all you more experienced ladies is, have I still got a chance of being pregnant? Am I testing too early? I thought first response was able to tell you 6 days before and as I'm 2 days before I am a bit deflated by another negative result today. This is my first proper cycle after coming off the pill 3 months ago as I waited after intial bleed for a proper period so this was my first period. Any answers would be muxh appreciated. Thanks in advance x
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