my 1year old wont sleep in her cot

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Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 7:00 pm 
Post subject: my 1year old wont sleep in her cot
my 1 year old daughter wont sleep in her cot, every time i put her in there she screams the place down, i have tried putting her in it awake, asleep, even tried pick up put down, also put her in it and left room, but she still screams, can not let her scream for to long because she will wake her brother up, the four of us share one bedroom at my fella parents, please help dont just read and run

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Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:21 pm 
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I would try and put her down in tired enough to want to sleep but not over tired, which might make her frustrated and annoyed. I normally watch my LO and after a couple off yawns and once her starts rubbing his eyes whisk him off to bed before he starts to get too grumpy.

Once she is in bed I would sit with her, give her the comforts you know she likes (dummy teddy blanket whatever) avoid making eye contact, I say "sleepy time sleepy time shhhh" on repeat and gently rub her back or tummy if she is screaming. If she starts standing up just keeping lying her back down, reassure her you are there and start shh shhhing and rubbing her back again. Once she gets used to falling asleep you can start to reduce the amount of help - like just your voice and dont rub her back/tummy, then just sitting there with no voice or touch, then standingin the room but away from her, then just put her down. Once she is in her cot try to avoid taking her back out - if my LO gets really upset I pick him up til he has calmed down then put him straight back down. I find he is better on a full tummy so I always fill him up in the evening (toast, banana or a yogurt if he hasnt eaten his dinner or just some milk to drink if he has done well at dinner time). It will be hard work but after a few nights she will do it. My Lo was terrible and we used to have to drive him to sleep in the car. Now he goes down awake, but we havent completly cracked it because he wakens in the night and ends up in our bed Confused Confused

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