frustrating ovulation symptoms

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Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:09 am 
Post subject: frustrating ovulation symptoms
Hi ladies.
Haven't been on for a while computer broke and been working loads.
Got a couple of Q's about ovulation, so I had massive ovulation pain in my right ovary on 6th pm and so we BD then and did so every other night leading upto 6th and haven't done since but I've had lots of EWCM yesterday and today I just can't figure it out and I didn't do opk so I haven't got that to back it up. My cycles says I was due to ovulate 7th so that would be OK if I ovulated a day early based on pains ? So did I miss it or does mu body just like to hold onto my EWCM? Also after we BD on 6th I elevated my pelvis on a mountain of pillows for Pike 20 minutes hehe! Not due to test until 23rd so stressed out over this EWCM. Any advice would be appreciated ladies. Lots of luck and baby dust xxx
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Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 7:26 am 
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For baby making purposes I'd go with the ewcm for the best clue as to when you ovulate rather than ovary pain Smile , as you can get pains in your ovaries throughout the month just from the follicles growing and then the corpus luteum after ov which can get pretty big Shocked and pin pointing ovulation from those alone is very hard.
If you notice after AF that you start to get watery clear cm thats a good sign your oestrogen levels are rising and you're getting closer to ov and then when you get ewcm you're probably getting your surge and about to ovulate very soon Smile you'll know if you did ovulate because very soon after your cm will become white as your oestrogen drops and progesterone takes over , you may find you get a day or so of clear cm about a week later and then perhaps a day or two before AF starts it may go clear again as oestrogen levels rise ready for the next cycle.
I stopped using OPK's as we aren't actually trying anymore after being told I'd need IVF but every month since I've still known when I ov'd just from noticing cm changes and AF has arrived right on cue based on when I thought from cm so for me it's as reliable as OPK's , checking your cervix is a good method too, but some women are a bit squeemish about that , of course if you're not sure when you ov then sex every other day or every third day for most of your cycle should cover it too , good luck xx
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