too many almost routine sterilizations done

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Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:58 pm 
Post subject: too many almost routine sterilizations done
Hi ladies sorry ive become a serial poster lol
But it gets me so annoyed, after talking about a reversal fora year or so then properly researching it and finding out any looking for any ladies who have gone through similar for a few weeks, that there seems to be soo many almost routinely Sterilizations done during a CS, without it seems much consultation beforehand if any at all!.. Like there doing us a favour`while their in there` this is a life changing decision and it seems to me rmany surgens are doing them far too easily, i feel a thorough consultation SHOULD be given beforehand PLUS a cooling of/thinking period to MAKE SURE we are aware this is mos probably perminant and to make sure we get to find ou ALL the facts before its done..That they are in the correct mindframe and not drugged up to the eyeballs that you dont even remember signing the form (as i was)
I think imoo there should be more done to stop these being done so easily and redaly resulting in many ladies regretting it and much pain (mentally and physically) as a consiquence.,.
No offence meant,just imo only..
Kerry x no no no Aaarggh
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Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:35 am 
Post subject:
Couldn't agree with you more, in the reversal section there are a lot of Ladies who were pushed into sterilisation during sections, especially after a 3rd where women are often told thats the limit although thats outdated info based on the vertical incision sections that used to be done, there's no evidence to show that lscs can only be done 3 times safely Rolling Eyes
Its certainly not meant to be suggested at c section unless its been discussed beforehand , I was told in 2011 by a gynae cons that the NHS guidelines now say not to do them unless agreed to beforehand, but I suspect it still goes on now Confused
Personally I'd like to see them stopped altogether on the NHS along with vasectomies , unless there's a serious risk to a womans life from another pregnancy as there are so many other reliable forms of contraception available and so many women (and men) seem to bitterly regret their decisions and the NHS never offers to do reversals do they Rolling Eyes
To me having spoken to a lot of women on here and other sites they just do too much mental and emotional damage Sad
I know when my ex wanted a vasectomy they made him wait until 6 weeks after our son was born to make sure he didn't change his mind and yet a doctor thought it was fine to ask me to sign a consent form with no prior discussion whilst being rushed in for an emergency section Shocked and she was a woman Shocked Mad
Maybe if every woman who was pushed into a section sued the NHS then this practise would stop Question
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