Totally out of character! :/

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:27 pm 
Post subject: Totally out of character! :/
Hi everyone. My 2 year old boy has always been really placid. Slept through from birth, never had a night feed, never slept in my bed even when ill, always ate everything i gave him, could put him to bed at 7 every night awake and read to him and kiss him and he would go to sleep on his own. So practically a very easy child. This last few weeks he hasnt been eating well. Fighting with his sister. Been really clingy. If i put him to bed awake he wont sleep without me in the room. I have to creep out when he nods off and if he hears me leave he screams till i go back in. Eventually he will go to sleep but only for a few hours and then it starts all over again. He shares a room with his sister so it can vreate a problem. Ive even resorted to putting him in my bed some nights and he will sleep all night. So basically im getting very little sleep and im like a zombie! And im getting nothing done in the house with him clinging to me like a baby monkey! This is so out of character its scary! Anyone else been in this situation?? X


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Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:11 pm 
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He may have just developed a fear of bedtime/dark. I know he is only 2 but I know quite a few people who have experienced similar out of nowhere at bedtime between age if 2 and 4. He may also be having a bit of separation anxiety too.

I'm not sure how best for you to tackle it but people swear by the put back to bed with no talking or eye contact. You may be at it ages each night till he gets the message. Hope it eases soon.
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