thyroid an issue?

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Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:56 am 
Post subject: thyroid an issue?
hi, i had a miscarriage last week (i was about 7 weeks pregnant).... i had tests done around week 5 of my pregnancy as i was experiencing heart palpatations. I recieved the test results yesterday and they stated that I had a minimally underactive thyroid gland... does anyone know if this could have been a factor in my miscarriage? The doc had written that its common and just to go get tested in 6 months... we want to try again soon, what should I do?
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Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:56 am 
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Hey hun, Sorry to hear that you had a mc, i have had 4 mc's & have been told by my endo consultant that my over active thyroid was the cause for 3 of them. So yes, hun an undiagnosed thyroid problem is not good when you are ttc.

My advice is to ask to be referred to an "Endocrinology Doctor" as they specialise in thyroid issues & will advice you on what meds you need to be taking while ttc.

It's not all bad news huni, after i was diagnosed with an over active thyroid in March 2012, I was put on meds & my thyroid returned to the normal range in 4 months & i was told we could start ttc again as my levels were perfect for "baby making" her words exactly Laughing
We were very lucky & I fell the 1st month. You will have to be consultant led tho hun once you do get pregnant & have weekly blood tests to make sure your levels are in the correct ranges & have growth scans towards the end of your pregnancy, but it's not all bad as we have our 1st growth scan on 16th Jan & we are both looking forward ot seeing lo again.

Good luck with everything hun & please pm if you ned any advice. Cas xx
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