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Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:51 am 
Post subject: Need help & opinions
Hi, im 22 years old & have never been pregnant before. I dont know what it's like to be preegnant. Ive been experiencing some symptoms that are making me wonder now. I have been experiencing light-headesness, extreme fatigue, minor nausea, minor heartburn, & a different feeling inside of my tummy. I took a pee test, but it came out negative. I also feel some type of spasm inside my stomach sometimes. I knew this is TMI, but a few days before I started experiencing these symptoms, I had some type of thick, white mucous on my underwear that looked like flubber. There was a big ball of it. WEIRD! But I havent missed a period either. Ive actually been bleeding alot, alot with my periods. But I still think I might be pregnant. Im getting blood work done on Wednesday. Come someone please give me some opinions or thoughts, or maybe shared similar stories. My friend scared me by sayi.g I could have diabetes. Im 5'6 & weigh 128lbs. Thank you Smile
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