Seem to do nothing right atm :(

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Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:42 pm 
Post subject: Seem to do nothing right atm :(
I really need to get this all off my chest im so upset Sad

I cannot believe it, Ive been having afew problems at work with one of the managers, he's been getting arsey with me for petty reasons then moaning about me to other staff. I had a talk with him when I was in last about it as I felt it wasnt right,then he was still awkward with mt the following shift Confused If he doesnt like me thats ok, but dont make it so obvious?!

My team leader then had a go at me when I went in for my evening shift the other day because I was 5mins late... I said I was really sorry but had to wait for OH to get home from work so someone was at home for the kids.... She just got mardy and said 'well i do want to get home you know'.

Now today I FORGOT I was meant to work!! Shocked So got a phonecall at 6.20 saying do i know im meant to be working today!! I cannot believe I forgot I was meant to be at work, I feel like such a fool Crying or Very sad So another lady has aggreed to stay on to cover my shift (which was only 2 hours so not too long but thats beside the point,it was really nice of her to do this! I shall buy her a box of chocs!) I feel so upset that Ive forgot im meant to be at work and now Ill be put down as Hasnt turned up Crying or Very sad and another manager is now annoyed with me. I just seem to be doing everything wrong Crying or Very sad

Been having probs with a neighbour being threatening and abusive (shes a masssive bully and awful) This hasnt helped at all with my depression (which seemed to be much better- until now! ) Im so stressed with whats going on at home with the neighbour its making me ill- my depressions worse, Ive had eczma (sp?) flare up all over my scalp and face, cant sleep, feel like Ive got a constant knot in my stomach,feel sick...

So right now Im feeling totally utterly [*CENSORED*], dont feel like I can do anything right and whereever I am seem to be annoying people or doing everything wrong Crying or Very sad Sad Sad Im so unhappy and Im dreading going to work now, knowing what Ive done and how annoyed they'll be,its making me feel sick Sad

Sorry for the long post, just really upset right now and I know some of you ladies might be able to relate to how I feel .... I feel like a total let down Sad
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Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:14 pm 
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don't worry about work we all make mistakes. i once sent an email to my MD that was meant for my friend moaning about MD! Still work there and all fine. I have also in a previous job got my shifts muddles and forgot to go.

Not really sure what to suggest about neighbours but if I were you I'd have a drink, some chocs and watch my favourite funny film to cheer myself up. Laughter is good for the soul.
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Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:58 pm 
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Awwww sorry you are feeling down. Dont beat yourself up about forgetting your shift at work. God you're not the only one, I thought I was on a nightshift once when I was infact on a dayshift and got the "where are you phone call?". You are only human and we all make mistakes. Just apologies and say it wont happen again - people will understand that it wasnt done on purpose.

As for the manager that was being horrible in the first place, just ignore him, you cant please everyone. You have done your best to clear the air and get along if he is still being horrible there is not a lot you can do. I have found that with folk like that once you stop trying to impress they came round Rolling Eyes

hope you fell better soon.

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Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 2:10 pm 
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Hi there
I had to reply because I really do think you should have a meeting with your manager and tell them what's happening with your neighbour and how it's causing stress and this has caused being late and forgetting shifts. I am a manager and I would appreciate a one on one chat about stuff so I could cut you a little slack...Wink
Please do this as it should stop people bring arsey with you.
Sue x
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