Trying for another baby!!!

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Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:46 pm 
Post subject: Trying for another baby!!!
I have posted on here before that my husband and I are TTC our third child. We have had 4 unsuccessful attemps, I met with a doctor today to discuss what has been going on and find out her thoughts. We started using OPK's and this month when I used one again I detected my LH surge on 1/24, which was on day 17, my husband and I had been doing the baby dance every other night the whole month of january, then when we noted the surge we baby danced again the day of the surge and the next day! I noted a slight increase in bbt on 1/26 and even more increase on 1/27. I don't notice the egg while cm anymore so I am thinking I ovulated and we made a great attempt!!! Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I can survive the 2 week wait to take a pregnancy test! I am currently taking a herbal form of clomid and increased evening primrose oil which my doctor said is all good. She is confident along with myself that we will get a baby very soon, she did say that if we still have trouble she would consider adding some clomid if necessary, BABY BABY BABY thoughts Smile
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