Cassava Root supplement? Anybody tried?

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Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:42 pm 
Post subject: Cassava Root supplement? Anybody tried?
Hi there!
We have been trying for a baby for the last 8 months... Doesn't seem so long, but it is devastating when every month I feel as maybe finally it happened, but the disappointment... My cycles have been all over the place, I think it's down to stress because I am not getting pregnant. I ovulate, but it is quite late in the month, around day 20, which is definitely not good.
I have tried many things available, at first I only took folic acid, but when we haven't succeeded after 3 months I started preparation for pregnancy vitamins for me and hubby. Still nothing. I have been to Chinese doctor, reiki, and tried some other things. I started searching the internet to look for something natural to boost fertility. I came across cassava root fertility supplement, that is supposed to act like clomid, but is completely natural. I thought I try it, found it on amazon and is on the way, but wondered if anybody else tried anything like that? Thanks
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Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:50 pm 
Post subject:
Never heard of that one but a lot of ladies try soya isoflavones (normally recommended during menopause) - I'm guessing it's probably the same sort of idea - increasing oestrogen levels using plants which contain phyto-oestrogens.
Not tried either myself as currently on clomid.
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Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:57 am 
Post subject:
Not tried the cassava root myself , did hear something about it though while researching Soy ,but the people who have it as part of their natural diet and who seem to regularly make more than one egg with it (and have lots of twins Shocked Laughing ) eat it as their main food .
So I think it would take large amounts to have an effect on ovulation Question
Whereas it doesn't take much Soy Isoflavones to make a difference .
I've found I get on better with something called Dong quai rather than Soy though Smile
Can I ask why you want to take it though ?
Because of the way ovulation works the days you take supplements can make a difference to what they do.
Basically the first 5-8 days of your cycle all the available (antral)follicles are growing , but then the biggest one takes over and between then and when you ovulate just that one grows(the others can't be "brought back" no matter what you take ) so for anything to be effective at giving you more than one egg you need to take it early in your cycle , preferably from day one Smile
If what you want is to ovulate sooner though then taking it later can be better, once you just have one follicle there's a feedback process going on with your brain, the follicle and oestrogen , if you increase oestrogen at that point then the egg should mature faster Smile
I saw this myself last month when I started Dong Quai late (after day 5) and ov'd on cd 11 which is the earliest I've ever had it happen Shocked
I presume it would be the same with the cassava if it works the same way as Soy and Dong Quai Question
Ovulating on cd20 isn't a problem as far as fertility itself goes though Smile , you can still get pregnant even from ovulation much later in a cycle than that, but after having some long cycles myself (35/36 days)I know what a pain it is waiting so long to ovulate Rolling Eyes
I tried Agnus castus
Soy Isoflavones and
Dong Quai
With the Agnus I ov'd cd14 but had lots of side effects and didn't feel right
With the Soy I ov'd anything from cd14 to cd 22 Rolling Eyes had headaches and terrible 2ww pregnancy type signs when i wasn't pregnant Shocked
and with the Dong Quai even taking it right from cd1 I ov around cd 13/14 and feel normal Question So thats definately my favourite so far Laughing
Good luck with the Cassava root xx
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