updated - spotting, plus more.

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Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:21 am 
Post subject: updated - spotting, plus more.
so i had the spotting for 3 days in my last post was only 2 days, but now its 3 when the spotting stopped. then this morning out of the blue i got a wave of nausea, and actually vomited. then later on tonight - about 8pm. i had cripling abdominal pains that were that bad they caused pains across my back and legs. so went to the 24hr doctors and had 2 tests done and they both came back inconclusive. which is weird because i never get that i always get a straight up negative. also the doctor done it so he couldnt have done it wrong. but 2 inconclusives? must be something strange about that he also did a urine test to see if i had an infection and that was all clear. whats going on girls Sad loosing my mind here. he said to take 3 days off work and to retest again in 3 days, also wasnt happy about something in my tummy but he didnt explain :S im calling doctors tomorow to see what happens then. any advice? Sad
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