October 2013 mummies.

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Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 5:24 pm 
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Huge congratulations April, a November baby! (November is a good month to have a birthday - im a November baby)

Glad you had a nice simple birth.

Hope the piles r sorted out soon. I remember having them with Belle and were SOOO painful (even more than the stitches iv had both times)

Don't worry too much about not being able to beast feed. Ar the end of the day as long as they are getting milk of some sort and gaining weight then that's all that matters. My mum bottle fed all of us and we all turned out fit and healthy, were as my hubby and bro in law were both breast fed and suffer with allergies etc. I breast fed Belle and she also had allergies. I thought breast feeding was ment to stop things like that.
Ive been lucky and been able to feed Finn but was a nightmare in the hospital i can see why people give up especially as they are given NO support.

Ive managed to carry on as normal, taking Belle out to her usual groups. Finn as fitted in well Laughing I thought it would have been more of a struggle. The only thing i struggle with is the pram on the bus as they are nearly all old buses with steps up to get on. we lost loads of "new" buses in a huge fire at the begging of the yr and they haven't been replaced yet) The other day i had to wait for the 3rd bus b4 i could get into town! I took Finn out in the sling today and put Belle in the buggy (helpful with the shopping) but to be honest that was just as bad- especially on the way home (old bus again) i struggeld with Belle 2 bags of shopping,changing bag and the buggy all without knocking Finn out Laughing no body helped me at all. Rolling Eyes

Midwife was meant to ring me today but hasnt done Sad im gonna wait till monday and if she hasnt called i will ring her. I thought i was doing ok until Monday when i was telling Finns birth story for the 4th time that day and i cried (i was so embarrassed about it) Then today in town Belle hid behind some clothes and i couldnt find her, I totally over reacted and was SOOO mad at her- i really shouted at her in front of a shop full of people. They all looked at me as if i was the worst mother on the planet!

Poppytots that sounds funny about Ffion weeing everywhere! Laughing I cant believe how fast the time has gone 7 weeks already! Finn is 3 weeks 2moro, im finally making him n official person 2moro as we r off to register him!

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