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Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:43 am 
Post subject: Help!:(
Im 16 and i stopped taking my pill a little over a week ago and me and my boyfriend have been having sex. I have been feeling nauseous and im bloated, ive been peeing alot, been getting headaches often, my nipples are sensitive and have been having mood swings. I had a period for three days and it was normal but that was 2 weeks ago. Me and my boyfriend were sexually actuve through the time of my period too and he pulls out but we dont use condoms. Could i be pregnant? And also my boyfriend doesnt want to have a baby but i do. And i really hope i am but am scared he will leave:([/quote]
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Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:42 am 
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Getting pregnant at your age is very rough. What about prom, college, and a career? Are you ready to kiss your social life goodbye. You should not get pregnant "just to be pregnant" or "to try to keep your boyfried" You are 16 and have your whole life ahead of you. Use protection and wait till you graduate high school before considering having a baby. Babies are alot of work. How are you going to support yourself and a child if your boyfriend does leave as you predict he will? Are you ready to be up every night several times a night to feed and change a diaper. It isn't all fun and games. You aren't playing house. It's real life and not only yours if you have a baby.
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Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:32 am 
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Considering you only had a period 2 weeks ago then its far to early to be pregnant unless you have extremely short cycles. Whats concerning is that you want a baby at 16 and your boyfriend doesn't and yet you're still playing this game of russian roulette in creating a life! I think you need to seriously start thinking about what you are doing.
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Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:34 am 
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Whether or not you could be pregnant so soon after stopping the pill depends on which type it was, with the timing of your period and when you stopped it if it was the mini pill you could conceive as soon as you stopped it as you can still ovulate on that (release an egg) , you wouldn't be getting pregnancy type symptoms yet though, those are very probably from the pill hormones leaving your system and your normal hormones returning .
Got to agree with the other ladies though, and take it from someone who's been there, getting pregnant at 16 is no fun , chances are this boyfriend who doesn't want a baby will disappear as soon as you tell him, and you'll be left alone ,pregnant and stuck in with no money while he's off out doing what he wants and seeing someone else, your friends will all have their own lives too and you'll see them less .
It can be very lonely being a single mum .
This is another person you're thinking about creating, they're only babies for a very short time if you want a baby because you're craving that unconditional love then let me tell you you'd be better off getting a dog than having a baby, because children don't give you that unconditional love, they just expect it from you !
They're also not like little dolls just to be dressed up and admired Confused
Children are very hard work, they quickly get their own personalities, newborns are basically eating ,screaming ,cr*pping machines Rolling Eyes Laughing and by the toddler stage they're having a screaming tantrum in every shop because they want something they can't have,you get a few years of niceness but give it a few years after that and they're a teenager telling you they hate you because you ruined their life Rolling Eyes and you have to worry about this other person for everyday of the rest of your life , thats a very long time, and at your age you have a lot of years to meet a fantastic man who does want to have kids with you who you can share all that with when the time is right Smile
I hope for your sake that you're not pregnant and you decide to hold off trying for now xx
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