am i in the wrong

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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 7:44 pm 
Post subject: am i in the wrong
My hubby works but does get to half days so basically works three and a half days with a two hour lunch break which he comes home for.

I do all the night feeds, get up with travis every morning do all the house work and finances. As i am on mat leave i totall agree that i should do.most of these things but hubby naps whenever he wants which is at least once a day goes out whenever he wants - basically does everything he did before we had travis.

I mentioned earlier it would b nice to have a lie in one weekend morning a week or for him to do the night feeds one weekend morning a week and he said no he works and my job is to do these things and i can nap with travis during the day. He knows travis wont go in his cot during the day and he just naps on the sofa for 20 min stints during witch i get as much house work done as possible.

I feel really angry towards him. I.e last night travis woke for two feeds and was v restless because he has a cild and was up at 8am. He slept through the lot until 10am and then has gone for a nap now.

Am i wrong to want an extra few hours sleep to.myself once a week??

We live away from home so no friends and family for a nice chat. I do have a few friends but being military we have not been here long. So it is normally me and travis which i love.but a few hours to myself every now and then would be really nice!

Am i being unreasonable? Xx

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