blackmores vitex agnus-castus & PCOS

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Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:17 am 
Post subject: blackmores vitex agnus-castus & PCOS
Hi everyone,I am 25.
I have been bothering with irregular period, last one was on December 2012.
I have the blood test done, which showed I have lower FSH ( 6), higher LH ( 20), and also higher testosterone stuff. GP said I have PCOS. I had ultrasound check twice on December and Jan, saying uterus measures in normal size, 8 eggs in the right ovary, little bit more. I might have ovulating problems. So basically, I need to balance FSH and LH.
My friend told me to try blackmores vitex agnus-castus, which would be helpfulto build regular cycles.
But I just checked online, some said blackmores vitex agnus-castus works via reducing FSH and increasing LH, while some pages showed exactly opposite views.
So can anyone tell me whether I can take the tablets? I really need to improve my FSH and reduce LH and want to make them balance.

I'll appreciate any advise. Please.
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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:56 pm 
Post subject:

I don't have PCOS but i did have very irregular periods after a mc is 2008, my cycles were ranging from 21 to 63 days. I took Agnus Castus for one month (just the first 14 days from the first day of my period) and my period came 28 after the previous one! The month after i fell pregnant with my daughter.
Last year i came off the Depo in Feb and my cycles again were all over the place. Took agnus castus again in Nov and low and behold i fell pregnant that month. Unfortunately that pregnancy did end in mc.
I'm not saying that agnus castus was to thank for this happening to me both times...but it seems like a pretty big coincidence.
Not sure if any of that helps you with your question but i can vouch that the agnus castus did indeed regulate my cycles!
Good luck xx

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