potty training :s

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Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:28 am 
Post subject: potty training :s
we recently went to my eldest 2 yr review (normally done at 2 &1/2, now, but went early) when my eldest turned 18 months we hav major concerns over his speech as he only said ta and babbled. when at a family support worker round who do excercise with (which from a parent and nursery nurse point of view was stupid) and he began nursery. when he turned two/xmas time, she signed him off saying he was upto date with his age group.
at the review, the hv said, she wants to refer him bk to her & get him to hv a hearing test..... :s so im all confused now.

PLUS she said we need to strt potty training him. and my godmother (whos a nurse) was shockd to hear he wasnt already. as a nursery nurse, i alwas thought boys were potty trained nearer there 3rd bday :s

anyways we had a morning having ago.....
i didnt really know wht to expect as he does tell u if he pooed and also hv he wants his nappy doin when really wet. he also seems to b taking in interest when i go.

but we didnt get one on the potty or toilet. we went thru 4 pants within 2 hrs before he askd for his nappy bk on. we bought a potty and a toilet seat thing for him to sit on on the toilet. but he jst seens reluctant to sit and he crys if i jst sit him on.

i wonder if nursery would be more successful if he starts training with his friends.....

wht do u think?
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