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Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:43 am 
Post subject: trying for another baby
I have posted on her before and always get good feedback. My husband and I have actively been trying to achieve pregnancy since August 2012. I stopped my bc patch back in July 2012. I was having trouble with longer cycles the first couple months after coming off from bc but they have seemed to bounce back to my usual which is 32 days. I have been using the bbt charting, opk, cervical mucus observing and noting position. We try to baby dance every other or every two days for the whole month. I usually have been ovulating on day 18 cause I get my surge on day 17 and then after day 18 comes the temp shift. this cycle I didn't notice quite as much of a temp shift but that I heard can be ok cause sometimes the shift is only .4 degrees according to my doctor. I am noticing more wet watery clear discharge since ovulating? could this be a sign of pregnancy? any thoughts are greatly appreciated. My goal is to achieve a pregnancy by spring (around May).. then doctor mentioned starting clomid
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Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:13 am 
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You can get the clear watery discharge a few time throughout the cycle, most commonly when you're ovulating, then for a day or two about a week after that and then some women get it again for a couple of days before AF , without knowing where you are in this cycle its hard to know whats going on for you Question , if you got a lower rise than is normal for you then it could be possible even that you didn't ov yet but are doing at the moment and thats why you have the clear discharge , ov rises can be small but generally they are consistant from month to month so its more important to know whats normal for you rather than what other women can have , and even if you get a surge it doesn't guarantee ovulation , sometimes your body tries but it doesn't happen so then it tries again later in the cycle , if you still have any ov tests left it might be worth trying one to see if its another surge. Some women do get watery clear discharge in early pregnancy but its not a reliable enough sign to say one way or another , Good luck xx
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