help!!!! i want to know alreadt!!-_-

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Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:16 am 
Post subject: help!!!! i want to know alreadt!!-_-
Well i had my period on the 5th of January and had sex on the 16th of January...well now its the 28th of February and i haven't been feeling like myself lately. I have been sensitive to smells, nauseous , head ach, back ach, gums bleeding, i didnt start till tge 16th of February and it was really unua because it was very light i took a hpt it said ne gative and also went to the doctor and she didn't do a blood test although they took 5 tubes out for other things and a urine test wich also came out negative . I've talked to family and they think i might be... i also feel very tiered and being the partier i usually am i haven't been able to stay out or anything i've noticed i've been haveing random crapms, i guess you can call it, on my sides and in my ovarie area. I'm not sure what to think because im hearing a lot of different answers
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