My baby gets upset…

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Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:00 pm 
Post subject: My baby gets upset…
My baby gets upset when I take him to nursery. How can I help him adjust?
They say it's perfectly normal for a baby to show the signs of separation anxiety for app 8 months.
My baby starts to be shy or even anxious when he gets to nursery or when he's around strangers. When I’m out of sight and not with him, he becomes very upset and usually starts crying. I feel so awful such moments Crying or Very sad Cannot help him and get used to it myself. It’s a torture for me without exaggeration.
I hopefully ask you, lovely ladies, mothers, how do you cope with that? How can I help my baby get used to the idea that mummy and daddy may disappear, but will come back Question How shall I his trust and the ability to form attachments to other people?
It was very easy with my first child, but with the second one I feel really at a loss. Couldn’t even imagine it will go like this!
When leaving my baby at nursery or playground I always hug and kiss him and tell I’ll be back. But this still doesn’t work… Will appreciate every piece of advice. Thanks in advance xx
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Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:43 am 
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Hi, these are the things almost all parents go through Smile
To help your baby, you could try playing a game with a familiar toy. Hide his favourite toy under a blanket for a short time and then produce it with a flourish. It will help him to understand that even though he can't see something, it still exists.
Although it's hard to see your baby distressed, it's important to let him experience this. This means each time you leave your baby and return, you're proving to him that you always come back. Going on you just help him develop trust and attachment to other people, except you.
If being left at nursery or playground he bursts into tears, take time to calm and reassure him. It may be hard for you not to cry when he starts crying. But try to hold back the tears as it will only prolong the agony for your baby.
The same things were happening to us. We experienced these small pieces of advice just work. Especially that with the favourite toy Wink Try to stay calm; it’ll take some time for your baby to get used to it. Wish you and your tiny all the best in the world X
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