Cycles after Clomid use..

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Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:12 am 
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Jo I'd get the protein powder (whey protein) and make shakes with that, I started on it as protein is supposed to be good for egg growth, only I didn't realise each small scoop has 200 cals even before adding milk Shocked before I knew it I'd put 10lbs on Rolling Eyes I was putting 2 scoops in about 200mls of semi skimmed milk and that was only once a day whilst eating an otherwise low fat healthy diet so I bet if you had a couple with full fat milk as well as 3 meals you could gain at least a few lbs in a couple of weeks
Have you had anyone look at your IBS symptoms to make sure it is IBS as crohns can have similar symptoms and makes it very hard to gain weight Question
I was diagnosed with IBS 16 yrs ago and the trigger was stress for me , it can be different for everyone and a lot of people find its food related , high fat meals also set me off ,wheat and grains are a common one ,but you shouldn't be having constant attacks and losing weight , if you've tried all the recommendations about diet and they don't help I would go back and speak to your GP .
Even when mine was at its worst with daily attacks and up to 4 hrs of severe pain a day and missing at least one meal because I couldn't physically eat I didn't really lose much weight and managed to have a BMI of about 22 Question ,but my nan though who had crohns was a tiny woman no matter what she ate she was stick thin and its often misdiagnosed as IBS Question
Even if it just turns out to be IBS they should still try and find a way to ease the symptoms for you as there are treatments Smile xx
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Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:47 am 
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hi hun, as for the putting on weight i always found ice cream to be good Smile if you get those little pots for a pound like smarties ones and have one every night that might help (not the healthiest way but never the less small portion of it every day maybe???). As for the clomid i actually had a longer cycle the last time i used clomid (i didnt do the 6 cycles consecutively)... it was the longest id ever had and the cycle after that even ... it was about 40 days! after two cycles it went back to my norm which was 31-33 day cycles.
hope this helps. Smile xxxxx
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