implantation or just before period bleeding?

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Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:19 pm 
Post subject: implantation or just before period bleeding?
im quite new to this, ive never had a ovulation pain till this cycle which was about cd 16/17 also had a tiny amount of pink cm with a few wee cramps. the following week ive had cramps & uncomfy feeling in my stomach/ below my belly button. exactly a week later ive got a light brown colour in my cm.

ive also had quite sore boobs since the date i think i ovulated, their now a cup size bigger, worse at night & ive noticed more blue veins that seem to keep going up my boobs.
weve been ttc for about a year & ive fooled myself into hoping im pregnant quite a few months now, much to our disaapointment when i get my period.

i had a miscarriage last june, only a day after i got a +. ive had some tests ran & now know i have a cyst on one of my ovaries. i bleed for near a week before, but this was dark brown cm not the light im experiencing. im just wondering if anyone else has had the same symptoms & found out their expecting or could this just be my hormones/cysts playing up. its driving me nuts with all the waiting & i cant really test until my period is due in a week. i fly as cabin crew aswell so many girls, including myself, struggle to get pregnant with the levels of radiation & crazy hours we work.

any information or stories would be great, sorry for the really long post but just need something or someone in the same situation to help!
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Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:55 pm 
Post subject: am i pregnant
hi i have 4 girls and 1 little boy. they are amy 7 phebe 6 Hollie 4 katie 3+ and thomas 16months.
phebe and katie both have genetic disease's i am 25 years old i have had really bad pregnancies with every one of them. i have been on the pill since my little boy was born. i have missed my period for about 5 weeks i always get it every 28 days and last for 4-5 today and can be really heavy. but i woke up and 4am and needed to go to the loo and i had cramps in my tummy but nothing to bad i thought it was my period but that's all i had was a little bit of discharge with a bit of pink and red nothing much.
it lasted for about a min. it is now 23:54 and there is not blood or anything
can any one help me out and give me some info thank you kind regards emj
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