could i be pregnant??

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Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:14 pm 
Post subject: could i be pregnant??
i had my mirena coil removed on the 28th febuary with minimal bleeding then had a cycle on the 2nd march for 5 days but was sexually active throughout now two weeks later i ahve tender breasts,headaches, backache mood swings then yesterday i got i started getting mild cramps and this morning i had brown spotting in my underwear and experiencing it throughout the day could i really be pregnant or am i just hoping too much? i am not due my cycle for another 2 weeks
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Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:37 am 
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It depends really, the mirena coil is hormonal so if you count the withdrawal bleed on the 2nd as a period then its far too early to say if you could be pregnant as you'd probably only just be ovulating around now, some of the things you describe sound like ov signs , I often get a sore back and boobs and headaches and feel moody around ov from the hormones and you can get the cramps and spotting from progesterone rising after ov and thickening the lining of your uterus and making it a bit irritable Rolling Eyes Laughing
I'd presume you are just after ov to be honest, as long as you've had sex though you could well be in with a chance but it will be at least 10 days maybe 14 before a test will show anything , good luck x
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