advice regarding housing benefit

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Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:35 am 
Post subject: advice regarding housing benefit
Ok I'll start from the beginning. OH was laid off from work in November last year. He began claiming jobseekers as a temp stop and I put a claim in for housing benefit. It took them 2 months of asking for information and saying we wrrent hsowing the correct documents before they accepted the claim, which was then backdated to when OH was first laid off. He returned to work 2 weeks ago and stopped claiming jobseekers but I didn't phone the council as I have been ill and couldn't even talk for a week and the boys have been ill so ive really not had a second to phone them. I then get a letter in today saying my housing benefit has been suspended as they know OH is no longer claiming JSA but that I should show proof of income as I may be entitled to it still. I know I won't be so I phoned them to explain and was told that I've to show proof of income from November which they already have (!) And that I currently owe them back the money for rent dating back to November. I tried explaining to the woman that I have shown proof that OH was claiming JSA previously but she kept just saying you need to put it in writing and dispute it. I am soooo angry. We've had nothing but bother with them and I am panicking now that we now owe them 4 months of rent which we shouldn't need to pay.
The people who are supposed to help are clearly no help so who else can I contact? Has anyone else had something similar?

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