diarrhoea for a week

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Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:02 pm 
Post subject: diarrhoea for a week
I've posted not long ago about Craig having diarrhoea but he had been taking movicol up to that point and it went away after a few days. But this time it just doesn't seem to be letting up. Him and liam both had a cold the week before and then last Friday when he got up he had a very explosive bout of diarrhoea. He has been absolutely fine otherwise, he's eating ok, drinking fluids, active. It's just that every few hours he does a poo which is basically brown water (sorry for tmi) so I am constantly on alert for it. Liam has also had it since this Monday but today he hasn't done any pops while Craig has done one (which was still runny) so I really dunno what to think. I've tried giving him diarolyte relief but he won't drink it.
Has anyone experienced this with their LO around the same age and did it clear up itself? I'm never sure whether to take him to the doc as the past few days he has seemed finebuntil after breakfast and then it has started and by that time it's too late to get an appointment to see the doctor

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