Am I pregnant ...?

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Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:56 am 
Post subject: Am I pregnant ...?
Hello I'm fifteen, yesterday me and my boyfriends had sex and today during class I was having SEVERE
Cramps, a really light blood flow, my boobs hurt, felt sick to my stomach and etc. I usually I have my periods in the beginning of the month and have them again on the last day of the month. But this month is different... I had my period about two or three weeks ago and now I have a "period" again. And the "cramps" are all on one side and they're becoming mild cramps after I took medicine and used a heating pad. But the cramps are still in my lower back and abdomin and it hurts to move my back or lay on m back cause of the "cramps"... I kept googling my symptoms and pregnancy articles kept popping up.. I usually irregular and have bad cramps but never this bad to where my whole right side hurts and my blood isnt heavy.. and im reall naseaous and going tothe resroom like 5-10 minutes.. Am I pregnant or what?
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