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tandem or side/side double stroller?
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Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:14 pm 
Post subject: double strollers
so i have been looking at both kinds of double strollers: tandem and side/side and can't tell which is better. I want to be able to fit down grocery store isles, not be too huge that no one can fit around me, but enough storage space to hold all the necessities for traveling with two...

is this just one of those things you don't figure out your preference until you have two kids or is there a way to prepare in advance?
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Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:12 am 
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i askd other mums. i had a real problem with heavy ones as well cus i hv no upper body strenght. i choose a nipper 360 out n about. i love it! i rarely encounter problems with it. the one i think i hv done is around some designer stores like bank cus in derby westfield, its tiny! however ther r a couple of places i make staff move ther displays that r on wheels so i cn get thru (but this depends on my mood)! the only reason why i do this is cus if i cnt get my double thru, i know someone in a wheelchair also wudnt get thru, n the law states shops cnt discriminate n hv to make stores accessible by all.

however ive done ths like twice! for the most prt i cn get my double anywhere with no hassle whts so ever!
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