Advice please - telling people at work

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Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:15 pm 
Post subject: Advice please - telling people at work
Hi - I just wondering if I could get some advice.

I'm 7+4 and have taken the last two days off of work due to feeling just yuk!

This is my 4th pregnancy but all previous 3 ended in miscarriage. I had told my manager about my first two pretty early - I was bursting to tell people and she promised not to tell anyone else. With the 3rd pregnancy I suffered Hyperemesis Gravidarum and was off from work for 7 weeks (so I kind of had to tell people at work then).

This time around I would like to not tell ANYONE until we are safely out of the first trimester. I have told the people at work that I've had a throat infection at the moment.

What I'm wondering is, should I tell someone from the HR dept? Is there any benefit from doing that? I'm just wondering if it would affect my sickness record at all if they know the truth?

I still don't want anyone from the team I work in to know.

Thanks in advance for any responses.
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Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:31 pm 
Post subject:
Sorry to hear about your mc's. With my 1st pregnancy I told EVERYONE very early on, then when i miscarried it was horrific having to tell everyone. When i got pregnant with my daughter we told a few close people but kept it quiet until our 12 week scan.
With my last pregnancy i told my boss and a few others...I didn't have many to tell when i miscarried that time. This time I've told my parents and a friend (and obv my OH) my 12 week scan is next friday and i'm determined not to make it public knowledge until then.
Theres no benefit telling work early...sickness goes down as sickness regardless of if its pregnancy related (at least thats how it worked in my old place and this one!)

Its completely personal preference, I just don't want the added pressure of people asking "is everything ok this time" etc.
Good luck, hope everything goes well for you x

Mummy & Daddys little angels 05.12.08 & 01.01.13 Never Forgotten xx
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