Drinking enough?

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Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 7:34 pm 
Post subject: Drinking enough?
My baby's just turned 11 months and I've just stopped her dinner time milk feed, as she wasnt feeding much then anymore. I now only breast feed her before breakfast, before tea and at bedtime. I offer her juice at dinner and tea and with her afternoon snack, but she doesn't drink very much. She can drink from a spouted two handled cup by herself. When shes not drunk much I've tried to do it for her, but she just bats it away. Shes not feeding longer at her other breastfeeds to make up for not having milk at dinner. Ive increased her solids at dinner to make up for her not having milk. I've noticed her nappies aren't getting as damp as they used too. I don't think she's dehidrated, but I'd like to know how to encourage her to drink more?
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