temp rise and ov

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Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:23 pm 
Post subject: temp rise and ov
Hi all
have a 28 day cycle generally, so OV/PG apps tend to say I will ov on day 14. I have been bbt charting for 6 months and this doesn't seem to fit. I think I ov day 16. I am on CD 15 and I have ewcm and my temp hasn't risen yet. Generally I my temps rise about 12 days before AF. Was just curious if ppl agree with my thoughts on when I ov? Also, does anyone know much about if a 12 day luteal phase would be a hindrance? have been ttc for 4 months, so not long, but that doesn't stop me wanting to increase our odds as much as poss.
thanks for your thoughts!! xxx
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