Badly Need a Help: Not yet PREGNANT

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Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:24 pm 
Post subject: Badly Need a Help: Not yet PREGNANT
Hi! Im a newbie here.

I'm 30 years old. It's been 1 year & 1 month to be exact that me & hubby are trying to have a baby but every month I usually cry for every negative results that we have. My cycle is sometimes 32, sometimes 34 or even 36. They said my fertile days are between cycle 20-25, we did but still negative. I'm drained already & starting to get tired of expecting. Would you enlighten me when is my fertile days? Maybe we are doing it the wrong way. Or any advise should we do that could help us to have our big shot? I just have my AF last June 21, 2013 under cycle 34. Whooo... Sad Sad
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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:42 am 
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The best way to find out your fertile days is to buy ovulation tests, these tell you when you get the hormone surge that actually causes the follicle with the egg in to break open and be released , you can buy them online or from chemists , if you live in a country where the chemists don't sell them then you can get them from amazon they post to most places , with irregular cycles it can be harder to tell as your cycle is in two parts, the time up until ovulation and the time after, either of these can be shorter or longer than the other and can range from 10 days for the second half up to 18 or more , which is where the ovulation tests come in , once you know when you ovulated in a particular month then count the days until your period, this number of days rarely changes by more than a day or two so it can help give you a range of days for following months , so say you discovered you got your surge on say day 20 and had a 34 day cycle then based on that on cycles with 30 days it would probably be around day 18 and on a cycle with 36 days it would be around day 22 , so even though you don't know how many days each cycle will be you have a rough idea of the most fertile time for you Smile
If you can't get hold of ovulation tests then your body gives you lots of clues, with changes in cervical mucus, in the run up to ovulation it will often change become clear and watery, then it can become very much like raw egg white this is a really good sign you are fertile as this type of mucus helps protect the sperm and keeps them alive longer ,after ovulation it may become white and stickier, but as sperm can live about 5 days or so in your tubes then its worth having sex even before you think your fertile time might be, some doctors suggest regular sex all cycle as the best way to get pregnant which makes sense really as ovulation days can change from one cycle to another and unless you test every month its easy to miss the right time , Good luck xx
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Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:17 pm 
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i agree, maybe ovulation testers are your best bet.
make sure by the doctor everything is okay and then go for it again. dont feel despondent or give up, it will happen for you.
wishing you loads of baby dust.x
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