so many decisions!

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Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 5:57 pm 
Post subject: so many decisions!
hello everyone i am back after 2 years away. its lovely to see that there have been some babies born Very Happy i am going to be reversed i have got my consultation tomorrow with dr pickles. ive read so much about him on here and he seems to have a great success rate so was sure i was going to use him. for everything including consultation its costing £3995. now i have just received a phone call from a private hospital in the west midlands, called halesowen. anybody been there? anyway including consultation its £2700 Smile. so what would you do? go for the cheaper option cause lets face it everyone is skint Confused or go with dr pickles because he seems amazing? so if anybody can let me know anything about halesowen i would be grateful Very Happy
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