Iron tablets and vit C

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Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:31 pm 
Post subject: Iron tablets and vit C
Well i thought i would try taking these as i was fed up of feeling so exhausted when AF arrived and it is changing days each month only by a day or so but it is getting annoying. I was wondering if this would be the reason my CM has increased, i ov last week and have had quiet alot of CM for me anyway and more wanting to bding. I dont feel like ive got loads of energy but im up for it and sex drive seems to be coming back woo hoo. My oh seems more keen since i told him im bored with the idea if having a baby as i feel like he was feeling the pressure of not getting me pregnant each month.

Just had to share this but im not sure if taking these would make much difference or not but a few things have changed this month for sure.
The only thing that gets annoying is my neddle like pain in my nipples and nothing helps. More positive nowadays and dont feel like hitting someone when they tell me they are pregnant or anyone who is pregnant that i see.
Just thought would touch base.

Hope thing are getting moving for you teebs
Kazm how are things with you?
Nat are you driving yourself mad and have you found any more interesting facts for us girls?
Claire how are you getting on with your pregnancy?
Anyone else hope it is all getting sorted for you girlies.

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